Election 2006 – Predictions

Today is election day, the day all of us can take part in the great sacrament of the democratic religion. For what its worth, here are my predictions:

(1) Republicans will maintain control of both houses.

(2) Democrats will actually have won control of the House of Representatives (and perhaps the Senate) based on the exit polls.

(3) Massive vote fraud will have taken place. This has been a given in past elections, but this time around it will be even more pervasive.

(4) There will be a great outcry from many, but nothing will be done about it. In fact, most evangelicals will deny that massive vote fraud is even possible in the great United States.

But whether these predictions come true or not, it will not matter in the end. Whatever today’s outcome, my other predictions are certain to come to pass. There will be more wars, even bigger government, more debt, more abortions, less freedom, and greater corruption in D.C. The old cliché is right. We will get the government we deserve.

Simon and Garfunkel had the right attitude. “Laugh about it, shout about it, when you’ve gotta choose, ev’ry way you look at it, you lose.”  Even if your choice is altered by the Diebold voting machine.

4 thoughts on “Election 2006 – Predictions

  1. Out of curiosity, what makes you think the elections are a fraud? What evidence do you have for this?

    I really don’t know myself, though I would say that with Falwell and his cronies the government doesn’t need to fix the elections… they just need to stamp an R next to someone’s name and say they are pro-life.

  2. I voted this morning– for the first time in my life, a straight Democratic ticket. This was partly to expiate for more than 20 years of voting Republican, and even (O Lord, forgive me) sending money regularly to the RNC and other fascist organizations.

    (Only partly, though. The Republican Senate and House candidates [both incumbents] in my Penna. district are particularly repugnant.)

    But back to Jonathan’s question.

    It is “common knowledge” that the Democrats have committed gross voter fraud through much of the 20th century. Daley’s words to the precinct captains was “vote early and vote often.” Dead people are still voting in Chicago, Baltimore, and probably many other cities. Kennedy’s election in 1960 is widely recognized as fraudulent. Clinton sent postcards to illegal aliens in California implying they had a right to vote and didn’t need to be registered.

    However, the Republicans invented the practice. The Democrats are merely Johnnies-come-lately. In 1876, the Republicans stole yet another election. This time, Southerners had recovered enough from the shell-shock of Lincoln’s genocidal war to actually resist in a forceful way. To avoid another war, the Republicans made an offer and it wasn’t refused: Pretend that Rutherford B. Hayes was really elected, and we will withdraw the military occupation.

    With electronic voting, no one knows what is going on. BBC reported this morning that a large number of Americans don’t trust the system.

    At my precinct, one of the two voting booths was “down.” I asked the clerk, “yeah, but how do we know the one you think is working really is?” She said, “yeah, a lot of people are asking that.”

    I pushed the buttons, then pushed the green button that said something like “register vote.” Upon being touched, it was lights out. There was no receipt. There was no “clunk.” There was not even a printed message, “your vote has been recorded.” Just lights out.

    What if I “voted” again, before opening the curtain. Who knows?

    What if my vote disappeared into the “bit bin.” Who knows?

    Think about it: how could they do a recount in my precinct? “Ok fellas, let’s run the SW again.”

    Why do we tolerate this?

    Who’re you gonna write to to complain? Your Congressman? But however the system works, he “made it.” Why would he demand change?

    Considering that this is the high-priestly sacrament of the ONLY VALID FORM OF SOCIETY, it is amazing what we put up with.

    Well, I’ll think about it later. There’s a reality show on.

    This is the American reality.

  3. For now I’m skeptical of your “common knowledge”. Asserting that voting fraud has taken place in the past doesn’t demonstrate that it is taking place in the present. Do you “know” that your vote was registered today? No, but you don’t “know” a lot of crap. That doesn’t necessarily give you warrant to believe the opposite.

    Obviously, you and I would agree in many areas including politics… but I’m not going to swing with the pendulum and be skeptical of the government without being equally skeptical of your assertions.

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